Maximize Medical Rebates

Maximizing Healthcare Savings

In Health systems and hospital settings, eligible manufacturer rebates based on drug utilization and preferred drug lists often sit idle and uncollected until expiration. RxParadigm has recovered millions of dollars of medical rebate savings for buy and bill drugs for our hospital and health system clients.

Maximize Revenue with RxParadigm

Partner with RxParadigm to generate additional revenue stream in a climate of strained budgets and profitability. We will:

  • Use direct rebate agreements with drug manufacturers for maximum flexibility and transparency with our clients
  • Partner with aggregators to help augment direct agreements to maximize rebate dollars
  • Use our proprietary technology Tungsten+ PLUS to identify eligible rebates

Let RxParadigm help you explore this new revenue stream for your buy and bill drugs.

340B Diagnostic Product for Covered Entities

Implementing 340B programs, whether outsourced to a TPA or managed internally, comes with its unique set of complexities. These complexities are further magnified by ongoing actions from Drug Manufacturers, such as contract pharmacy limitations, the rise of limited distribution drug networks, and the validation of Medicaid duplicate discounts. Moreover, recent governmental modifications, including changes to the 340B patient definition and the forthcoming Medicare Maximum Fair Price (MFP) implementation, add layers of intricacy by prohibiting 340B duplicate discounts.

340B Diagnostic Solution

Our 340B Diagnostic solution harnesses advanced auditing capabilities to scrutinize claim submissions, identifying untapped 340B savings potential. Powered by our Tungsten+ PLUS ™ platform, this solution offers a seamless journey from identification to execution, guiding opportunities through process discovery, design, and operational implementation.

Explore our case studies to see how we’ve empowered 340B Covered Entities, unveiling and paving pathways to enhance 340B eligible script volume.

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