About Us

RxParadigm: Guiding the Paradigm Shift Towards Equitable & Sustainable Pharmaceutical Care.

RxParadigm transcends the conventional role of a pharmacy technology solutions provider.  We are a team of dedicated experts driven by a singular mission: spearheading the transition towards equitable and sustainable pharmaceutical care. We firmly believe that a robust pharmaceutical care management relies on a collaborative ecosystem, where every participant is empowered to thrive.

Here is How We Enact Change!

340B Program Mastery

We navigate the intricate landscape of the 340B program, enabling all stake holders to maximize their full potential, including broadening access to essential medications for patients in need, while maintaining all stakeholders accountable for program suitability.

Efficiency and Full Transparency

Our end-to-end robust rebate administration technology provides heath plans/payers, manufacturers, and other downstream pharmaceutical care management entities with streamlined operations, cost reduction and optimized outcomes.

Personalized Pharmacy Solutions

Embracing a holistic approach, our tailored pharmaceutical care management technology cater to the unique needs of each player in the healthcare arena. By promoting equitable access to pharmaceutical care, we optimize outcomes for all stakeholders

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