340B Rebate Revenue Recovery Program

Manufacturers frequently face challenges in detecting 340B duplicate discounted rebate claims due to inadequate tools, resulting in the unintended rejection of rebate claims from Payers.

Rebate Recovery Program

Introducing our Rebate Recovery Program, meticulously crafted with cutting-edge auditing capabilities. This program rigorously evaluates past claim submissions, identifying claims unjustly declined by Drug Manufacturers. Our Rebate Revenue Recovery solution delivers in-depth insights and reports, enabling you to recover lost revenue effectively. The Tungsten+ PLUS ™ platform offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution, adeptly pinpointing inaccurately rejected 340B claims and facilitating seamless communication and resubmission workflows.

Revolutionize Your Rebate Administration

RxParadigm’s state-of-the-art blockchain-driven Rebate Management Technology, Tungsten+ PLUS ™, sets a new standard in rebate administration, combining unmatched accuracy with unparalleled efficiency and transparency.

Your Trusted Partner

Whether you choose our all-encompassing rebate administration services or specialized solutions for Commercial, Medicare, or Long-Term Care, RxParadigm tailors its offerings to meet your distinct needs, integrating blockchain-enhanced precision into payer operations. Trust RxParadigm to be your strategic partner in Formulary, Utilization Management (UM), and Rebate Administration, enhancing your internal capabilities for superior results.

Our Solutions

Innovative End-to-End Solution:

Our platform empowers payers and midsize PBMs to forge strong alliances with pharmaceutical manufacturers, securing competitive rebate agreements effectively.

Tungsten+ PLUS™ Platform Standalone Solutions:

Discover Tungsten+ PLUS™, our groundbreaking Blockchain-powered platform crafted for comprehensive rebate management. Navigate your rebate processes with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy

Case Studies

Click on the link below to delve into our case studies to see the tangible difference we’ve made in assisting clients to regain their rebate revenue.

Rebate Revenue Program recovers $16 million for PBM


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