Providing Pharmacy Benefit Solutions

RxParadigm revitalizes the pharmacy sector, addressing long-standing challenges with innovative solutions. Our dedication to cutting-edge innovation drives the integration of advanced pharmacy tools and technologies, culminating in superior results, unparalleled transparency, and client empowerment to optimize healthcare expenditures.

Introducing Tungsten+ PLUS ™

Flagship Solution

RxParadigm’s flagship solution for rebate management and 340B Identification technology.

This state-of-the-art platform streamlines end-to-end rebate management, ensuring accurate identification of all rebate-eligible claims, including 340B submissions.

Significantly, our system diminishes the need for expensive audits, eliminates claw-backs, and enhances efficiency.

Pharmacy Solution

At the core of RxParadigm lies a dedication to pioneering thought leadership and transformative change.

Our Pharmacy Solutions adopts a unique approach: delivering a comprehensive suite of 340B Solutions and stand-alone Pharmacy Benefit Solutions.

Our integrated offerings grant clients unmatched customization, aligning perfectly with the distinct requirements of their members.

With RxParadigm, embrace the evolution of modern pharmacy solutions.

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