Maximize Trust with Optimized Rebates – Introducing Our Cloud Based Platform - Tungsten+ PLUS ™

RxParadigm introduces the Tungsten+ PLUS ™, a meticulously designed cloud – based platform, for comprehensive rebate management or specialized focus on 340B duplicate discount claim identification.

Harnessing the power of blockchain, our cloud – based rebate management system addresses critical industry challenges: we ensure precise and immutable rebate administration and accurately pinpointed 340B claims. The 340B Advantage offers a universally adaptable solution, equitably serving all stakeholders.

Tech Features

  • Open architecture via APIs Allows any authorized system to access the 340B identification logic.
  • Unique Algorithm Synthesizes multiple data sources to perform accurate identification in seconds.
  • Machine Learning Further improves accuracy based on historical claims data.
  • 100% Accuracy Identifying inappropriately denied 340B claims submitted for rebate

Business Features

  • Automated Rebate Agreements: Achieve virtually 100% automated rebate adjudication for pharmacy and medical claims across diverse lines of business, including Commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, and LTC.
  • Script Validation: Ensure accuracy by identifying ineligible rebates through rigorous script validation and 340B identification.
  • NCPDP Compliance: Fully compliant with NCPDP standards for seamless import and creation functions.
  • Integrated E2E Workflow: Experience streamlined operations as one unified platform connects payers, PBMs, and manufacturers.

Unlock the Power of our 340B Program Management Solution.

Discover a comprehensive 340B program management solution that delivers unparalleled benefits to our customers to Streamline Operations, Maximize Savings, and Ensure Compliance.

Customer Benefits

  • Payers:  Shield payers from unjustified 340B rebate claim rejections.
  • Manufacturers: Prevent manufacturers from overextending payments or later pursuing reimbursements for inaccurately billed claims.
  • Covered Entities: Equips Covered Entities with a centralized platform to oversee TPA, Wholesale, and manufacturer processes, optimizing the management of 340B scripts.


  • Fewer Disputes
  • Faster Processing
  • Improved Financial Outcomes
  • Maximized rebate dollars
  • Controlled 340B claims process
  • Integrated Technologies
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