Why a 340B Clearinghouse?

Recognizing the need for a clear, unbiased, and flexible Clearinghouse service model, RxParadigm has leveraged its technological expertise to craft a neutral 340B Clearinghouse tailored for specific products.

Tungsten+ Plus™-Enhanced Clearinghouse

With our state-of-the-art Tungsten+ Plus™ technology, RxParadigm’s Clearinghouse not only adeptly handles claim validation complexities but is also primed to adapt to evolving policy environments while maintaining rigorous compliance benchmarks.

Our Customized Solutions

Our blockchain-powered technology is versatile, meeting 340B validation needs at various levels—be it state, national, or organizational.


Our Rebate Recovery Program delivers robust auditing capabilities, meticulously reviewing past claim submissions to identify claims undeservedly rejected by pharmaceutical entities. We furnish detailed analyses and reports crucial for recouping lost revenue.

340B Covered Entities

Our specialized 340B solutions reveal opportunities to amplify the volume of 340B eligible prescriptions.

Managed Medicaid Plans and FFS Medicaid TPAs

Our 340B solutions ensure adherence to government 340B regulations, fulfilling your responsibility to present state Medicaid agencies with clean claims. This proactive approach minimizes claw-backs and disputes, optimizing rebate revenue allocation while maintaining full regulatory compliance.

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