A New Paradigm in Pharmacy Solutions

At RxParadigm, we prioritize innovation to simplify the intricacies of rebate management and the 340B program. Our tailored solutions unite Payers, Manufacturers, and Covered Entities, enabling you to regain control and achieve your healthcare objectives more effectively.

Customized Programs for Every Stakeholder

Tungsten+ PLUS™: A game-changing shift in rebate and 340B program management, harnessing advanced blockchain technology for transformation, efficiency, and compliance.

  • Rebate Revenue Recovery Program: Our R3 Program empowers Payers and PBMs to reclaim denied 340B claims with compelling evidence for resubmission
  • 340B Diagnostic for Covered Entities: Our diagnostic tool helps Covered Entities identify missed claims, optimize volume, and streamline submissions
  • The 340B Clearinghouse: Your Trusted Adjudicator. Validating claims, fostering transparency, and bolstering program integrity

Take a Modular Approach to your Pharmacy Benefit Strategy

  • Empower your control and adaptability with RxParadigm’s tailored pharmacy benefit strategies, designed to align with your specific goals, whether it’s maximizing rebates or focusing on cost efficiency.
  • Select from our modularized suite of specialized pharmacy benefit administration services, including clinical programs, network management, and claims adjudication
  • Experience RxParadigm’s dynamic, cost-effective pharmacy benefit solutions that exceed expectations, empowers decision-making, and set industry standards.

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