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A New Pharmacy Solutions Paradigm

RxParadigm aims to shift the paradigm of Pharmacy Solutions for the better by tackling the industry’s most intractable challenges and improve overall healthcare outcomes. RxParadigm drives neoteric solutions that are geared towards Payers, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Providers and Covered Entities.

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A New Paradigm for Modern Pharmacy Solutions

Driving solutions to the Pharmacy industry’s toughest challenges. Introducing Tungsten+ PLUS, a blockchain-powered rebate management system that delivers the accurate and immutable administration of rebates as well as effectively identifying and removing (upfront) all ineligible claims including 340B.

  • For payers, Tungsten+ PLUS protects against claw backs and associated audits.
  • For payers, Tungsten+ PLUS recovers revenue from inappropriately blocked rebate claims that are processed through contract pharmacies.
  • For drug manufacturers, Tungsten+ PLUS prevents duplicate discounting.
  • RxParadigm’s end-to-end solution is our way of saying “let us transform the industry for the better,” an essential paradigm shift.

Introducing a High Performance 340B Pharmacy Network for Payers

RxParadigm’s exclusive high performance 340B network provides unique solutions to Payers, Covered Entities, and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.

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