A Solution that Fuels Ingenuity

Thought leadership is at the core of the business. RxParadigm has entered the Pharmacy Solutions marketplace to redefine what it means to provide an extreme pass-through service model.

Providing leading-edge solutions that allow clients to customize their product offerings, focusing on what is most important to their members. Service offerings include long-term financing of high-cost gene and orphan drug therapies.

RxParadigm creates a vibrant marketplace by driving neoteric solutions to the difficult challenges faced by Payers, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Providers and Covered Entities. 


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Better for Patients

  • A drug formulary designed to enhance patient experience
  • Chronic Disease Drug Management programs that enhance quality of care and reduces overall healthcare expenditures
  • AI-Powered Prior Authorization reduces administrative burdens for providers while simultaneously improving overall patient outcomes
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Better for Business

  • Levels the playing field, encourages competition and fuels the invention of timely pharmacy solutions
  • Provides Payers, Pharma and Covered Entities an alternative to traditional models
  • RxParadigm’s Flex Financing manages exposure and risk through long-term financing of high-cost gene and orphan drug therapies
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Better for Innovation

  • Introduces the power of blockchain technology with Tungsten+ PLUS to offer extreme transparency to the marketplace for rebate administration and management
  • High performance 340B Pharmacy Network delivers unique solutions for payers, covered entities and pharmaceutical manufacturers to tackle rising industry challenges

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