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A solution that fuels ingenuity

RxParadigm is redefining the PBM marketplace through increased transparency that delivers real economic value to PBMs and payers and allows them to better compete. We pass all rebate monies (RxParadigm retains Zero rebate dollars) collected from drug manufacturers to you, so you can deploy that capital to what best fits your business. We then provide leading-edge technology that allows you to customize your solution offering, focusing on what’s most important to your clients. We even offer long-term financing of high-cost gene and orphan drug therapies.

RxParadigm creates a vibrant marketplace that enables PBMs/payers to be competitive, and offers ways for providers to lower the cost of care.

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Better for Patients

  • A drug formulary designed to enhance patient experience
  • Medication adherence programs that reduce overall healthcare expenditure
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Better for Business

  • Levels the playing field, encourages competition, and fuels the invention of timely PBM products
  • Provides payers an alternative to traditional models
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Better for Innovation

  • Introduces the power of blockchain technology to offer never-before-realized transparency in the marketplace to administer rebates programs, including point-of-sale discounts
  • Provides the margins, tools, and solutions for PBMs to differentiate themselves from competition, and build the value of their client relationships
  • Opens a new realm of competition, making PBMs and payers more competitive

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