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Modern solutions for modern challenges

Injecting much needed life and vibrancy into a PBM marketplace mired in stagnation. By utilizing innovative Pharmacy Benefit Solutions and advanced technologies at all levels, we deliver enhanced outcomes, extreme transparency and afford our clients the opportunity to appropriately manage and control their total healthcare costs.

Availability of an At-Risk PBM solution that delivers clients extreme transparency into all financial details of the business and predictable pharmacy spending year over year.

With Tungsten, a blockchain-powered rebate management system, clients are provided a trustworthy and immutable tool that accurately identifies all rebate-eligible claims (including 340B claims) for submission. System capabilities include eliminating the need for expensive audits, claw backs and maximizing resource utilization in rebate reconciliation. RxParadigm is poised to set the industry standard on rebate management.

AI-powered Prior Authorization technologies transform an expensive and tedious process fraught with inefficiencies that delay patient care and overburden providers. Enhancing member outcomes and the reduction of overall costs are achieved by streamlining and automating the PA process.


Create an engine for competition Create an engine for competition Create an engine for competition Create an engine for competition
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Enable all payers to compete effectively using our comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each partner.

  • At-Risk PBM Solution that fully guarantees pharmacy spend even if spend exceeds projection
  • Highly flexible and intuitive technologies support rebate management and prior authorization
  • Efficient formularies delivering the maximum rebate discounts directly to clients
  • Quality national pharmacy networks for better patient outcomes and satisfied providers
  • Chronic disease drug management program that optimizes drug efficacy (right medication, for the right patient at the right time)

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