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An invigorated model that brings real competition to the PBM marketplace

With our efficient formularies designs we maximize unit cost (ZERO rebate dollars retained by RxParadigm), and create a healthier, more competitive marketplace that delivers higher margins so our clients can compete against the dominant players.

Our agile claims processing platforms and AI technologies allow clients to create high-value tools that providers use to enhance patient outcomes while reducing total cost of care. Using the unique blockchain–powered rebates management tool, we provide real-time reconciliation, enhanced modeling, and point-of-sale rebate administration.

RxParadigm’s Flex Financing helps clients reduce their exposure and risk to high-cost gene and orphan drug therapies.

With our enhanced specialty and non specialty 30, 60, and 90 day home delivery options, we improve our clients’ medication delivery experience.


Create an engine for competition Create an engine for competition Create an engine for competition Create an engine for competition
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Enable all payers to compete effectively using our comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each partner.

  • Highly flexible and intuitive technologies support claims processing, rebate management, and medication adherence programs
  • Efficient formularies delivering the maximum rebate discounts directly to our partner PBMs (RxParadigm retains Zero rebate dollars)
  • RxParadigm’s Flex Financing manages exposure and risk through long-term financing of high-cost gene and orphan drug therapies
  • Quality national pharmacy networks for better patient outcomes and satisfied providers
  • Technology that allows PBMs/payers to meet 2022 CMS rule to administer rebates at point-of-sale
  • Minimize the financial concerns associated with gene therapy with a unique payment tool

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